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The state of Florida is served by the following State Coordinator:

Total Records Found: 1, showing 25 per page
HQ UsernameCDF Official Email Address
Scarlet [email protected]

In the event there is no State Coordinator shown for your state, please visit THIS PAGE to find the Regional Commander for your region. You may make contact with the RC via the email address shown there.

The following units have formed or are forming in Florida (the HQ Username is the Unit Commander):

Total Records Found: 1, showing 25 per page
Unit NumberUnit NameUnit CountyHQ Username
15 Volusia CDF Volusia White_1

The following CDF Members are from Florida:

Total Records Found: 15, showing 25 per page
HQ UsernameCityState
Lefthandedshooter Orlando Fl
RustyWhite Palm Coast FL
MBRSWFL Clewiston FL
Porterhouse Very Beach FL
Blue_1 Deland FL
White_1 Deltona FL
Jbalz13 Punta Gorda FL
scarylarry Sarasota FL
Melville Pomona Park FL
excid Fleming Island FL
Whodoo Dade City FL
Scarlet Pace FL
ModernPatriot Jacksonville FL
Cav16 Milton, Fl

For security, only members’ HQ Username is shown. To contact an individual member, you must use our internal private messaging system (click “New Message”, and type the username into the recipient field). There is currently no provision for contacting every member on this list; in such a case, each would have to be contacted individually.

NOTE: If no records display in the box above, there are no current members registered from this state.