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Quote from Huxley on October 4, 2020, 8:36 AM

I’m an active, married female, who lives in NC and enjoys collecting survival gear, hiking, and living a simple, uncomplicated life. I’m an advocate for exercise, proper nutrition and keeping your immune system strong. I believe in being prepared. Not a fan of social media, the MSM, or masks.

I was drawn to this organization because it has the potential to bring like-minded neighbors together within their counties. That’s how we make a difference.

Not quite sure how I’ll be of assistance, but worst-case scenario, I can always peel potatoes or make toast!

In Liberty

Welcome Huxley.  You have the simple life down and NC is a beautiful state. Let me know if I can ever help with anything.

Thanks Fireeagle.  You've already been a tremendous help.  If you ever get down to NC, look me up!

Took our 5 year old out to learn on the bb gun for the first time, great fun!!!

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Nice cb. The first thing I shot was a pellet gun right around the same age.    Draw on a bulls eye for him/her the next time.   I still remember my first bullseye. Now I shoot them out.

Cant see it in the pic but i had a dot on there.
he got with an 1/8" of it. As we went on.
so he did great. Mostly focused on firearms safety and finger/ muzzle discipline right now.
safety first then other basics.
today just before I went to work was watching warrior poet and he said lets go shooting the bb gun... so he must have liked it! 😃

He’ll be 200 yards with the 223 before i know it. Fact is time seems to fly by as i get older!!

Paper plates are great, cheap targets.  The 10" round is the perfect size for center mass shooting...a hit anywhere on the plate counts.  Hold it up to your chest to see.  They staple to anything....a tree branch, a pallet, a stick in the ground.

We use them in particular for our live formation shooting...clearing the wash (gullies), hidden in brush, etc.  Just have to be sure there's a backstop.   Then, you have to cleanup -- go back and pickup the trash and brass.

For the Republic