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Alleged "Militia" Doing the Wrong Thing

This is a great example of supposed “militia “ members completely doing the wrong thing:

Heading should now read “ Antifa does what antifa does. “

There are several important things to note as to this situation, and important lessons to learn.

  • Immediately these were labeled as "right-wing Militia", though there is nothing right-wing about them, and they weren't militia (though it seems they approached militia members when they needed more help).
  • Some of the nonsense they spew from their moronic mouths is nonsense we hear from some of the old-school (and even a few of the newer, old-school-thinking) militia types. The anti-government bullshit that plagues the "movement" (or at least has, and still does according to the stereotype) is a big part of what has the whole word "militia" behind the eight-ball from jump street. It's positively the most ill-conceived, poorly-considered position people with our general mindset allow to creep into their thinking. Patriots are not anti-government; we are anti-bad-people-in-government. There is a huge difference. Not enough people who come to the "militia movement" understand this. Because of that...
  • ...people like this think "hey, let's get some militia people to help us do something stupid like this". In other words, this kind of small-minded thinking is what gets militia people in trouble, and paints the whole movement in dark and ominous colors.
  • The Civilian Defense Force does not operate in this way. We don't think in this way. We don't in any way condone this sort of nonsense. We don't invite people into our fold who do. We don't keep people in our fold if we find out that they do. These kinds of thoughts mean you aren't thinking at all, and we don't have use for that.
  • All of that said, it won't matter to the media, and it won't matter to the minds that have been poisoned by the media. I guarantee that if you go into the public today and tell them what you're doing, without ever once using the word "militia", half of them will cast glances your way as if you're about to do something stupid. And God help you if you DO use the word "militia".
  • This is why we don't use the word "militia".
  • The antidote for the poison the media feeds into people's brains about what we do is to go out into the public, unafraid and unambiguously, and do what we do. They won't understand that we are harmless to them until they see it. They won't understand that we are there to help the community until they see us helping the community. They won't "get it" until they get it, and when they get it (directly from their own eyes in their own neighborhoods, rather than from the slanted or deceitful reporting from CNN) they'll be in your corner, not in the corner of the mainstream media.
  • The GOKM (Group of Kidnap Morons) are just that--morons. I mean truly, these are people who don't think at all. The one we keep seeing in videos is absolutely classic Dunning-Kruger; so "smart" in his own mind that he can't see how stupid he is (or is being). I have no doubt he's got a few synapses firing in certain parts of his brain that make him believe he's got it all figured out. The problem is that NO synapses are firing in any other part of his brain, and that's why he'll spend a great deal of the rest of his life in prison. Don't be that guy. The only way to truly be sure you're not falling victim to the Dunning-Kruger effect is to keep your mind open and listen to what others are saying. Take wise counsel. Accept that even though your enemies (and mine) are utterly illogical at times (victims of the media poison as well as the Dunning-Kruger effect themselves), they nevertheless believe what they believe and aren't entirely stupid. In other words, somewhere in there are nuggets of truth (of a sort) and/or clues as to what makes their position valid in their minds. If you can distill all of that down to some form of truth, and look at it with intellectual honesty, it will keep you from falling into the trap of becoming so wrapped up in your own ideology that you become blinded to your own blindness.
  • Officially speaking, the CDF condemns activities such as this, no matter what group, person, or ideology it springs from. We do not and would not accept this sort of activity from our members, and outline that very clearly for those who participate with us. Furthermore, we wish Governor Whitmer and her family the best in dealing with the aftermath of this event. We do this because this is America, and we are true Americans. We believe there is a right and proper way to prosecute grievances with those who would lead us, including civil and criminal legal proceedings. We do not advocate any method outside of those accepted channels.
  • There is a right way and a wrong way. The Michigan Morons chose the wrong way. I do hope that someone uses the right way to prosecute Governor Whitmer for her egregious abuses of power over the people of Michigan and, by extension, the people of the United States of America. I personally fully support legal action, both civil and criminal, against the Governor, and I also support the efforts to have her recalled from the office of Governor. I believe the word "tyrant" very much applies in the case of Gretchen Whitmer, and she should be swiftly and effectively punished for her overreach.
  • Lastly, don't be surprised to find that it was an ACTUAL "militia" member who turned these idiots in, and served as the conduit (informer) that got them caught and prosecuted. Also don't be surprised if you don't hear one peep about that in the media, because the militia turning out to be the "good guys" would utterly run counter to their narrative and we all know they'll never allow that to happen if they can help it.


EDITED to include the properly-worded "official CDF response", as well as to specify what is my own position with regard to the activities of Gretchen Whitmer so that it may not be construed as an organizational position.

It was only very briefly mentioned on Laura Ingram last night that they were possibly antifa.  Doubtful that it shows up on any of the major news networks.

The alleged 'militia' suspect attended a BLM rally.