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Step Up

If you are reading this then you have shown at least enough interest to check out the Civilian Defense Force.  That's a good first step but you can't stop there.  Your Country won't fix needs YOU.  Join a Unit here:

Join a Unit

Follow through once you have joined.  Get active and stay active on the forums here, many of which you won't be able to see until you are a vetted member.  We need everyone's expertise to keep the ship sailing - there are storms ahead!

Get started training with your Unit, or if necessary, start a Unit in your area.  You will be surprised how many Patriots there are once you get the word out.  Even if you won't start a Unit -- start training!  NRA and USCCA have classes all over the country.  Red Cross first aid, HAM radio, even toastmasters can provide skills that are useful.  Just GET STARTED and KEEP GOING!

As you train you will make new friends.  There's the basis for your new Unit.  You're on the way to making a positive difference for your community, and Country.

For the Republic