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This is not the voter fraud you were looking for... Nothing to see here, move along.

Link included to all the news stories featured in this video.

With the election so close, we need to be very clear about one thing:

There are people, mainly in other countries, who would just LOVE to see Americans shooting at each other over the outcome of the election.

If you go onto YouTube and watch this -- -- (the normal aftermath of an election in Kenya) -- you'll see what they want our country to turn into.  The poor Kenyans experience this because there, political parties are organized largely along tribal lines -- which is common in Africa, where the European colonialists created nations artificially, as opposed to how they were created in other parts of the world, as the organic outgrowth of tribes (some of whom subordinated their neighbors in the process).  More about Kenya here for those who want to see what some of our enemies would like to see the US become, and for an empirical test of the insane "Diversity is Strength" Orwellian slogan: [ ]

Therefore, the bar over which we would have to jump to do anything besides peaceful, legal protest, should the outcome of the election be (1) not in our favor and (2) seriously flawed via voter fraud, should be set VERY high.

You can be sure that, whoever wins, the other side will be goaded by Russian and possibly Chinese provocateurs to come out into the streets to try to overturn the results.   Don't be tricked.

I am happy my daughter and her fiancé who no longer live in my county, were over for a visit yesterday and actually updated their registrations to their current address so they could vote. I was continually sending them “vote” memes to help push them on the importance of voting.

Apathy and complacency are as much an enemy of the Constitution as blm and antifa.