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Join the Civilian Defense Force

Thank you for your interest in the Civilian Defense Force. If you’re ready to stand together with your neighbors and defend your community against lawlessness and aggression (as well as assist in other emergencies), we’re happy to take your application. Please read everything on this page, which describes the application process.

As of March 5, 2021 the CDF Headquarters site is only available to CDF Members. To be granted access to the HQ site, you must apply and be approved for membership.

For security, all applicants (as well as all current members) are required to have a FREE Protonmail email address. Protonmail is end-to-end encrypted email based in Switzerland, and of the easy-to-use options it is presently the most secure platform for email-based communications. No application without a Protonmail address will be accepted.

Your application is confidential. and none of the information you provide will be released to anyone, ever, except to perform the functions of the Civilian Defense Force vetting process and fulfill the needs of the organization.*

All applicants are subject to a background check which will look for felony convictions, firearms violations, warrants, evidence of drug abuse, and history of mental health issues. While these things in your history do not automatically preclude you from being involved, we nevertheless need to be aware of them. You have an opportunity in the application to explain any such issues. Honesty is always the best policy.

Answer all questions honestly and completely. Also, all of the “affirmations” are required; failure to affirm these paragraphs will result in disqualification of your application. If you do not feel you can honestly affirm these items, the Civilian Defense Force is not for you.

When you’ve submitted the application, you will receive an email to the Protonmail email address you sign up with. This email contains very important instructions. It is imperative that you follow these instructions completely; they contain the steps for unlocking the Headquarters website and proceeding with becoming an active CDF member.

Your application cannot be processed if you do not follow these instructions exactly!


*We take every prudent measure to protect the information of our members from prying eyes, including securing our databases from hackers, using encryption technology, and giving members the option to delete their data upon leaving our organization. We also actively fight for the privacy of our members, including (when appropriate) opposing attempts by any outside forces including government to compel us to reveal the details of our membership. We will only turn that information over when compelled to do so by subpoena issued by a court of competent jurisdiction, and then only after all legal options have been exhausted; the exception to this is when in our judgement a member has willfully and knowingly violated the law in contravention of our stated mission and guiding principles and/or the rules we post variously on our site and within our documentation. Violations of this sort may result in the Civilian Defense Force volunteering the information to Law Enforcement authorities.