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Welcome Aboard!

You’ve just taken the first step to becoming a true AMERICAN HERO!

Your Unit Formation Application has been received. Assuming there are no issues, you are now the Commander of the CDF Local Unit for your area!

From here, you should make one of two choices:

  1. If you do not expect any issues to arise with your application, you should GET STARTED RIGHT NOW building the best, strongest, most community-conscious Unit you possibly can build. Proceed to STEP FIVE, below.
  2. If you believe your application should be reviewed before proceeding, please wait until you receive your official Unit Designator via email (this is the sign that your application has been approved and your Unit recorded). There are only a few reasons you should need to wait:
    • You failed to enter all the required information, or the information you entered did not meet the requirements shown in the application.
    • Your information is not truthful, or your background check will reveal details you left out.
    • You are aware of situations in your past or present that may preclude you from being approved (drug/alcohol abuse, previous legal troubles, mental health issues, etc.) You’ve noted these issues in the “additional information” field of the application, and are awaiting a review.
    • You’ve entered an Area of Operation that is potentially too close to another established Unit, you’ve specified an unusual or extraordinary AO, or you’ve asked for a review of your proposed AO (or some variance from our typical AO assignment process).


Assuming there is no reason to wait, you shouldn’t! Get started RIGHT NOW!

Here are a few resources that will help:

[PLEASE NOTE – These links are being updated and may or may not be available at this time. Check back periodically to see if they are online.]

Our “Unit Formation Resources” page offers many recommendations, support materials, and more. This will be your regular “go-to” source for suggestions and information regarding getting a Unit up and running smoothly.

The QUICK Start Guide to Unit Formation also provides several suggestions and links to resources that will be helpful.

The CDF Unit Chartering Guide is the complete handbook for all necessary, required policies and activities that must be implemented and followed in order to receive and maintain your official Charter.

Our CDF Headquarters Discussion Forum provides a place where Unit Commanders can interact with others, learn best-practices, engage with senior CDF leaders, and obtain other good information on a daily basis.

Lastly, please be sure to check your Protonmail account to receive your Welcome email and further instructions. Your Unit Designator and other information will be sent to you via email within the next week.