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DEFCON is short for “Defense Condition”. Our DEFCON indicator tells you in part what state we feel the country is in, and what level of readiness you and your unit should assume.

PLEASE NOTE: While our DEFCON status indicator is based upon the United States Military Defense Readiness Condition, it does not reflect conditions in the same way. Our DEFCON indicator is color-coded differently, and reflects our assessment of the situation in the United States as it might affect our member units only.

Each color-coded DEFCON number, from 1 (highest state of readiness) to 5 (lowest state of readiness) is explained in the chart below:

1 – BLACKHighest Alert/Readiness Condition – Our status will only ever reach DEFCON 1 in a situation where every CDF Unit in the nation should be on maximum alert and ready to deploy (including as a unified fighting force) at a moment’s notice. This status will be reserved for situations where total domestic conflict is occurring and danger is imminent. All COMMS should be fully activated, and members should be listening for instructions from their Unit Commander.

2 – RED Highest Alert for Local Deployment – Our status will indicate DEFCON 2 in situations where every CDF Unit should be on high alert and prepred for rapid deployment in their local area. This status is reserved for times when domestic conflict is occuring in areas of the country that could indicate the need for a CDF response in those areas (and preparedness in others). All COMMS should be fully activated, and members should be listening for instructions from their Unit Commander.

3 – YELLOW Elevated Alert – In DEFCON 3 situations, the stability of things on the ground in areas of the United States is questionable at best, and all members/units should be in an elevated state of awareness and preparedness. Equipment should be readied for deployment, family members made aware of the possibility of mobilization, and COMMS kept clear except for status updates. Team members should be in contact with one another, and Unit Commanders should be giving regular updates as to conditions in the country and within proximity of the local unit Area of Operation.

4 – GREEN – Minimal Alert/Basic Preparedness – DEFCON 2 indicates enough tension within the country to demand a need for monitoring and basic preparedness. Equipment should be in a prepared state, though not necessarily readied for immediate deployment. All gear should be present and in good condition (replace anything that is missing or in disrepair). Normal COMMS operation, with increased vigilance regarding news reports. Vehicles should be fueled at all times.

5 – WHITELowest Alert Condition/All Clear – This is our “Condition Normal” state. DEFCON 5 means that we remain vigilant above what the ordinary citizen might, but there have been no impending threats identified. Be aware of the location and state of your gear, remain physically fit and mentally prepared, and keep an ear on the news. Normal COMMS operation. Enjoy DEFCON 5; it won’t happen often in today’s world.