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Unit Formation Resources

On this page you’ll find various resources that will aid a new Unit Commander in forming and building a Local Unit. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS; new material will be added here regularly.

Helpful Articles and Snippets

Unit Formation 101

This article covers some of the basics of Unit formation, including a lengthy description of planning and running your first and subsequent meetings.

Forming a CDF Unit

This is one of the first articles we listed, describing the hows and whys of the whole Unit Formation process and the mindset that must accompany getting that process started.

CDF Unit Formation Course 1

CDF Unit Formation Course 2

This is a now-outdated but still helpful training course that was developed when the CDF was originally created. Some of the material, particularly that which refers to policy and practice, is now obsolete or has been modified, but much of the information contained within the course remains useful as a suggestion for how to accomplish certain tasks (or what tasks to undertake in the first place).



Visit this page for downloadable recruiting material, handouts, flyers, brochures, etc.