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Application to Form a New CDF Unit

Thank you for volunteering to defend your community and save America. A properly formed, chartered, and operated Civilian Defense Force Unit serves as a bulwark against the breakdown of civil order, protecting your family, friends, and neighbors when chaos and lawlessness reach your streets.

Applying to form a new local CDF Unit is a straightforward process, easy to understand and complete but requiring five steps. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS, and answer all questions as necessary when filling out the actual application form. Be truthful, and be thorough; more information is always better than less.


You must obtain an email address from PROTONMAIL.COM, if you haven’t already. Protonmail is a free service based in Switzerland offering end-to-end encryption and other security features. This is how we communicate securely. No application will be processed without a valid Protonmail email address.


The first two questions on the application form confirm that you indeed wish to form a CDF Unit in your area, and that you’ve read, understand, and agree to the following statements (henceforth, the “pre-application statements”:

  • I am volunteering to form and lead a Civilian Defense Force Unit in my local area.
  • I agree to follow the proscribed path to obtaining a Civilian Defense Force Unit Charter, and will do so within ninety (90) days. Throughout the pre-charter process I promise to conduct myself and lead my organization as if we were already chartered, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and good character at all times.
  • I agree to follow all laws (local, state, and federal) as they apply to my Unit, its personnel/members, and it’s activities. I understand that all legal responsibility, including costs thereof, related to the activities of my Unit and it’s members rests entirely with me, my Unit, and it’s personnel. I agree to obtain the services of competent, licensed legal counsel, understanding that nothing provided by the Civilian Defense Force, whether within CDF documentation, on the organization’s websites, within discussion forums, etc., is to be construed as legal advice or is guaranteed to properly and completely represent the legal realities of my location.
  • I understand that the Civilian Defense Force National organization is not capable of and does not provide any form of legal or financial support to individual Units, whether chartered or in pre-charter operation, or to any of the members/participants thereof, under any circumstances (excepting that to the extent we are able, we may or may not attempt to assist with referrals, research, and other non-financial considerations on a case-by-case basis).
  • I agree to follow all rules, regulations, etc., provided by the Civilian Defense Force Chartering Process, in order to earn and maintain a Civilian Defense Force Charter for my Unit, except in such case as these violate any laws pertaining to my locale, in which case the applicable law(s) would take precedence.
  • I agree to abide by the Civilian Defense Force Mission Statement and Guiding Principles, and promise that I and my Unit will be good stewards of the Civilian Defense Force name and public image.
  • I agree to work for the continual preservation and betterment of my community, and to be regarded as a force for good within it.


Before you can begin the application itself, you must have the geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) for a point that represents the approximate center of your intended Area of Operation. These coordinates can be obtained in a multitude of ways, including via most GPS applications on mobile phones. You may also use one of the two links provided below, which will take you to websites featuring a fully-zoomable interactive map upon which you may place a point or marker and will be given the proper coordinates in the proper format (h ddd.ddddd), a random example of which is shown below.

N 36.44026°W 90.00153°h ddd.ddddd°
You’ll need the NUMBERS as shown in the left and center boxes.

These websites function somewhat differently but are easy to understand, with the necessary information easy to find. PLEASE ZOOM IN AS CLOSE TO STREET LEVEL AS NECESSARY to place your marker/obtain the position for a point that meets the following requirements:

  • This point should be as near to the center of your intended Area of Operation as possible. Typically, this center point will be located near (but not directly on) your own physical address.
  • Do NOT place the marker/retrieve the coordinates for your home/property, or the home/property of any of your members. Place the point in the middle of a street or highway, body of water, cemetery, hospital, library, or other public building. This point is not a precise location, but rather a reference point. It should never BE the precise location of any member or other entity involved with your Unit.
  • Your area of operation will typically be represented as a radius emanating from this point.

You may obtain these coordinates for free from either of these websites. Please CUT/COPY the coordinates and PASTE them into the box in Question 20 (Area of Operation CENTER) of the application.

This information must be properly entered into your application or it will not be processed.


This is the application itself. When you’re ready, click the button that appears below.


After you submit the application, you’ll be taken to a page confirming your pre-charter status and providing further instructions. At that point your pre-charter Unit will be considered officially formed, with you as Commander. Congratulations!